Jul 062015


I have been accepted into an amazing two months training program called Animation Without Borders where animators visit 4 European animation schools for 2 weeks at a time.  They only accept about 15 participants every year, and I’m one of them. I’m also the only representative from the Netherlands, which is cool.

I am fundraising to help pay for the course fees, which are €1,500. Go to the Dutch website voordekunst and watch me speak Dutch for two minutes! The video is partly animated as well, so what better way to spend your time?

Don’t worry, there are English subtitles and the text is in both languages also. And if the Dutch language buttons are too confusing I have an English language pdf guide I can send you too.

And of course, feel free to share the link with your networks! That is another great way of supporting besides donating.

Thank you!

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