May 142010

Animation is in the house this month! The Secret of Kells, amazing looking Oscar-nominated animated feature (animated old-school cels way) from Ireland, is out NOW at the Metro Cinema in the U-District. It runs until Thursday May 20th (it may run later but don’t count on it). Go to see this NOW before it leaves forever. (It shows every day at 12:40PM, 2:40PM, 4:40PM, 7PM and 9PM). Trailer is below:

Seattle International Film Festival has two short film programs that contain some interesting animation:

Animation for Adults is on May 21st at 10PM, and Alternative Waves is on May 26th at 9:30PM. Both are showing at the SIFF cinema.

I’m very excited about the Animation for Adults program, precisely because I am usually disappointed by animated short packages because most of them seem geared towards children, or are just very expensive-looking inane one-liners. Hopefully this will include films that are complex and inspiring. Promising ones are: ‘Wings and Oars‘ from Latvia, and ‘Free’ and ‘The Wonder Hospital‘. Look at the video at that last link.  That is some interesting looking s**t!  Also included is the latest from Bill Plympton, Santa The Fascist Years.

Alternative Waves contains ‘Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself‘, the latest short film by local experimental filmmaker Salise Hughes (and member of our SEAT group), in which she ‘paints out the threats from old footage of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’

Also intriguing is Cruising the Urban Inferno from the 4th Floor by Bridget Irish, which I believe is a time lapse short, and Martha Colburn’s Triumph of the Wild. You may have seen Martha Colburn’s Myth Labs at the Animated Art program at the NWFF in January which featured a number of Seattle-based animators.

I’ll be checking all these out hopefully and so should you!

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