Mar 252011

I am a member of SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team. We are a loose coalition of animator/filmmakers based in Seattle, WA, whose mission is to be a nurturing force for the creation and dissemination of experimental animation. Some other members include Stefan Gruber, Britta Johnson, and Web Crowell.

As a group we have created: a collective film called Exquisite Corpse; three installations in cafes we call Social Screenings; a related installation in a barn during the 2011 Long Walk, and public animation on a wall in Capitol Hill – this is called the Wallrus project. In August of 2012 Tess Martin and Webster Crowell co-curated a gallery show at the Gage Academy called Stop-Framing Me which included work by eight SEAT members.

There is also a 75 minute program of 12 SEAT films called Inter-Action. This was curated by Tess Martin and has screened in Seattle, New York and five European countries. Contact Tess if you’re interested in bringing the program to your venue (tessmartin [at]

SEAT has its own website: Visit it, follow it, or become a fan of our Facebook page to keep up to date with SEAT events, as well as events involving individual SEAT members. Alternatively, you can come back here and select SEAT for recent posts about SEAT events.



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