Jul 162010

Reel Grrls is  a great non-profit in the Central District whose mission is to ’empower young women from diverse communities to realize their power, talent and influence through media production.’ I was there for a week at the end of last month for a wekk-long animation camp for girls ages 9-19. We covered cut-out, clay, pixillation, motion graphics and a bit of drawn.  I mentored one group of girls while they created an animated short using back-lit paper cut-outs. They wrote it, storyboarded it, made the artwork, animated it, and added sound using Soundtrack Pro. And they made an amazing film:

Isn’t it awesome? Very poetic. Congratulations to Dova, Natalie and Eliza!

Check out the other videos created at the camp here.
Also see pictures of the girls at work here.

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