Jul 302010

The Puppet-O-Rama festival starts tonight with Puppet SLAM!, a collection of short works, with a ride range of styles, tones, and topics.  Tomorrow night is ‘Karaghiozis Saves the Economy’ at 7PM, followed by ‘Plasticity Now’ at 9:30PM. Tickets are $8 for kids and $10 for adults.

Here is a list to all the open-to-the-public performances with links to their full descriptions on the website:

*Friday, July 30, 9:45pm: Puppet SLAM!   (adult audiences only)
*Saturday, July 31, 1:00pm: Rogue Artists Ensemble “Frog Belly Rat Bone” (all ages)
*Saturday, July 31, 7:30pm: Leonidas Kassapides “Karaghiozis Saves the Econmoy” (all ages, adult themes)
*Saturday, July 31, 9:00pm: Mind of a Snail “Plasticity Now” (all ages, adult themes)
*Sunday, August 1, 1:00pm: Peter Allen/Parasol Puppets “The Amazing Mysto’s Magic Show” (all ages)
*Sunday, August 1, 4:00pm: Thistle Theatre “The Tale of Two Bad Mice” (all ages)

If you have any questions, contact Artistic Director Nick Hubbard at: artistic-director@puppet-o-rama.org

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