Feb 092011

Well, it’s certainly grant season, isn’t it?  Creative Capital is now open for grants applications. Creative Capital is a non-profit based in New York that gives out awards of $10,000 minimum. This year’s two disciplines are Film/Video and Visual Arts and the deadline to submit is March 1st, 2011. The next time these two disciplines will be up for application is in three years (March 2014).  This is a one-time award, you cannot win it twice. But, check it out, Creative Capital is not just a grant:

“Over the course of a funded project, Creative Capital provides each artist with a flexible program of multi-faceted, sequential support and partners with them to determine how funding and services can best work in concert to help them achieve their goals. Creative Capital’s grants include up to $50,000 in direct funding and career development services valued at $37,000, a total commitment of up to $87,000 for each project.”

Pretty amazing. Anyone out there have direct experience with this grant?

Also, the NW Film Forum is offering an awesome workshop: Producer Masterclass with Jennifer Roth. Spots are selling fast, and they’re only $9! It’s on Wed, Feb 16th, 5PM-7PM.  Check out the description:

“Jennifer Roth, executive/line producer of the award winning Black Swan, will lead a two-hour master class on film production that delves deeply into the importance of preserving a director’s vision as a producer. She will discuss the positive side of having limited resources and how to tell the best possible story when making budgetary choices. Ms. Roth will also take you through the budgeting and scheduling process, discuss hiring crew, the finer points of scouting locations, and lay out why movies now have so many producers and what they all do.”

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