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Seattle Composer’s Alliance is organizing a very interesting panel discussion as part of SIFF. It will feature composers, directors and musicians, talking about getting the right sound for your film.  It is FREE, open to the public, and is this Saturday, June 5th, 10:00AM – 11:45AM in the Alki Room of the Seattle Center. Here are the details:

Music and Sound: Getting the Best Audio For Your Film

The panel discussion features professional film composers, licensing experts, music libraries, and audio engineers. Participants will learn all about realistically budgeting for music, finding and contracting a great composer, figuring out the musical tone of a film, placing and licensing songs, and recording and mixing: dialogue, score, sound design, & Foley from the home studio to 5.1 surround!


Moderator: Tim Huling, Film Composer, core instructor of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program
Kate Barden
, licensing and mechanical rights specialist, worked for BMG, HBO
Dave Howe, co-owner and vice-president of Bad Animals audio post-production facility
Mateo Messina, film composer, Juno, Thank You For Smoking
Brent McCrossen, President, Audiosocket, music licensing service
David Sabee, conductor and music contractor
B.C. Smith, film composer, Smoke Signals, Outsourced

Tim Huling is a composer specializing in music for film, television and other media. Having been active in the field since 1998, Tim’s music has been heard around the world in productions such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the PBS documentary Inside Passage, the theatrical trailer for Monster, and more. His arrangements and orchestrations have been featured in productions such as Showtime’s Masters of Horror, A&E’s P.T. Barnum, and NCSoft’s video game Lineage: The Blood Pledge. Tim holds a Bachelors of Music degree, magna cum laude, from Berklee College of Music.

Kate Barden Maloney currently does rights administration in Seattle. Previously, she worked as a licensing manager for HBO, BMG Music Publishing, and BMG Film and Televison. Kate has a Bachelor of Arts, Music Industry from State University of New York at Oneonta.

Dave Howe is a co-owner and vice-president of Bad Animals, a full service audio post-production facility in Seattle. Dave has won seven National Emmy Awards as a sound designer and mixer for his work on Disney Presents: Bill Nye the Science Guy. Prior to moving to Seattle in 1994, Dave was working on episodic television and feature films at Century III at Universal Studios and The Post Group at Disney.

Brent McCrossen is the founder and CEO of Audiosocket Music Licensing Service in Seattle. Audiosocket licenses music for film, television, advertising, video games, and new media. They have placed music on NBC, HBO, ABC/Disney, Warner Brothers Television, The Travel Channel, and Lifetime Network, along with many corporate clients. Brent previously founded Interface Booking and Management.

Mateo Messina is a native Seattle symphony composer now living in Los Angeles scoring music for film and television. His inimitable style of songwriting and composition has earned him accolades within the recording industry (ASCAP, NARIS, BAFTA). Recently, he took home 2 Best Score awards from The Festival Tous Courts in France and The One Reel Film festival in the United States. Mateo’s unique style of scoring film has earned him recognition on his recent scores for Fox Searchlight’s Juno and MGM’s Bumper.

David Sabee is a music contractor, conductor and cellist in Seattle. He is also a founder of SeattleMusic, a one-stop connection to world-class orchestral contracting and recording. He has contracted or conducted over 100 films, including The Blind Side, About Schmidt, Apt Pupil, and the Oscar-winning score for Brokeback Mountain.

B.C. Smith is one of those rare composers who is firmly entrenched, and thoroughly fluent, in a world of diverse and eclectic musical styles. His credits include Outsourced, Mod Squad, Ellie Parker, and Smoke Signals. Recently, he scored the film The Other End of the Line and composed the song “Empty Sky” for the Jim Sheridan film Brothers.

For more information: http://seattlecomposers.org/
Email for Panel information: jeff@jefftolbert.com

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