May 012013
Print and corresponding plate

Print and corresponding plate

I’m taking a monoprinting class at the Pratt Fine Arts Center, taught by Rickie Wolfe. Today was the first session and I’m thinking about printmaking in animation terms. Here I inked up a plate and a stencil and moved the stencil to a new position with each run through the press. Because I’m not re-inking the stencil each time, the stencil fades as I print it over and over.

If I were photographing this image between each printing and turning the image sequence into a video, it would look like the stencil appears on the left and moves to the right, and fades in the process.

You may be asking yourself – why use the press at all? Why not just make a potato stamp and stamp the paper over and over? Well, I’m thinking about that – one advantage of using the press is that the background is also altered with each pressing. This presents interesting possibilities. Also other stencils like mesh or lace would be harder to stamp directly to the paper. And running the plate through the press creates a certain flat quality to the color that is hard to replicate directly.

We’ll see what happens!

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