Oct 082010

On Saturday, October 16th, I will have the pleasure of introducing the screening of ‘Anything is possible’, the new Art21 feature on artist/animator William Kentridge, at the Henry Art Gallery.  Kentridge is someone I admire very much, so this is an honor. Afterwards I will also be teaching an animation workshop where participants will explore the modified base technique to create their own short films. Registration for this is now open. The screening is 1-2PM, the workshop is 2-3:30PM.

In my opinion Kentridge is one of the few animators working today who has successfully breached both the animation world (film festivals) and the art world (art installations/performances). His animated charcoal technique is very original, but more importantly, he creates thought provoking, non-linear films. His films are the type I wish I saw more of in festivals. I was lucky to catch his puppet opera when it was at the Moore back in March 2009, and though I felt it had perhaps one too many layers (puppets, puppeteers, subtitles, projected animations) it was pretty darn cool. Even cooler was Kentridge’s performance, I Am Not Me, The Horse Is Not Mine, in Kane Hall on the UW campus. Here, I feel, is where he was able to address pointedly larger themes of his work. I have not had the chance to see the Art21 feature, but I am so looking forward to it. Here is a preview:

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