Feb 092011

No? Me neither. But if you were, you would be able to take advantage of this opportunity:

Hothouse is a 12-week paid apprenticeship program for emerging Canadian filmmakers: “Hothouse is about re-imagining ways of making animation, ways that are faster, more flexible, and which embrace the many possibilities in the animation process while maintaining creative and technical excellence. We’re looking for six new talents who are willing and able to jump head-first into this intensive experience.” You can apply to take part by February 25th.

Another intriguing opportunity is the Annecy 2011 Youtube Competition (open to all regardless of citizenship). The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is one of the most renowned such festivals in the world, but…Youtube? Apparently last year they started a competition to celebrate an anniversary of the festival. They asked people to make a five minute or less short that would serve as a kind of trailer to the festival – shown in the cinemas, but NOT part of the official festival competition. So they’re doing it again this year, and theme is ‘Animation, Land of Freedom’:

“Participants should submit an animated short film on video of a running time of no longer than five minutes, taking into account the specific theme: “Animation, land of freedom”. This original creation must make a reference to and contain the key words “International Animation Film Festival” and “Annecy 2011”.  Annecy 2011 is particularly focusing its programme on the USA and a reference to this country can also be included in the film.
The short film is to be put online on the YouTube channel of the Annecy Festival from 7th February to midnight 1st May 2011 to the following address: www.youtube.com/annecyfestival

The winner will receive prizes including a Cristal trophy, a diploma and a week at the Annecy Festival from 6th to 11th June 2011 where the film will be screened.”

After scrutinizing the regulations, YES, they will pay for your flight. A little hockey, but it might be a great way to get to the festival for free! Go to the Annecy website where you can download the pdf regulations and press release. Below is the Annecy/Youtube video explaining the competition – anyone else think the narrator sounds like she wishes she was doing anything else?

And finally, are you British or a UK resident? If so, you may find this opportunity intriguing: Guiding Lights is a program that pairs emerging filmmakers with accomplished professionals for 9 months of one-to-one mentor support. Previous mentors include Danny Boyle, Sam Mendes, Kenneth Branagh, Alison Owen, Stephen Frears and Nick Hornby. The deadline to apply is March 11th, 2011.

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