Dec 292009

I found a great blog by Ian Lumsden, an animation instructor in the UK:

In his latest blog he reviews his personal favourite animated shorts he reviewed in the year 2009. It’s an interesting list, with a bunch of films I hadn’t heard of.  Rather than reproducing his post, here is the direct link.

My favourites on his list are:

‘Milovan Circus’ by Gerlando Infuso – so much is packed into this 9 minute short. Great puppetry and music.

‘The Man with the Beautiful Eyes’ by Jonathan Hodgson, based on a Charles Bukowski poem and made for Channel4 in 1998:

This John and Faith Hubley short from 1974 called ‘Voyage to Next’ – a charming meditation on the state of the world, seen through the eyes of Mother Nature and Father Time:

A Jeff Scher short used as a music video, it seems, for a Bob Dylan rendition of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’. Don’t know the full story behind the short, but it sure is purty (and corny, but that’s Christmas for you I guess):

  One Response to “Animation Blog Top Ten List”

  1. Great list but I have to confess it’s not my top ten! More numbers 11-20. Mind you, Jonathan Hodgson’s could have slotted in on any other day – today actually.

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