Nov 062012

I’m super happy that a short of mine is screening at the Special Treats, or SPECTRE film series, this Saturday, Nov 10th at 8PM at Cafe Racer (5828 Roosevelt Way NE).

This one is Tribute, a film I made way back in 2006 while a baby animator at the University of Brighton in the UK. It’s showing its years a little, but because it includes a Beatles song, I don’t get to screen it publicly that often (in fact, it may have been taken down from YouTube as well). So this is a great chance to see a frame-by-frame animation of cut-outs timed to the different instruments in the Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows song from the Revolver album. And it’s free! Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend as I’ll be in NC at a festival. But let me know how it goes!

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