May 292010

‘Tribute’, my stop-frame animation timed to a Beatles song, is playing at the Annex Theatre this Friday as part of the June Spin the Bottle program. It’s never been seen in Seattle! Tribute is a cut-out animation made frame by frame – it is an abstract representation of music: each instrument in the song has its own shape.

It is at the Annex Theatre, 1100 E Pike St, Friday June 4th at 11PM.

Spin the Bottle:
Audiences of all shapes and sizes are entertained monthly by Annex Theatre’s late-night variety show, Spin the Bottle! The next chance to see it is June 4th!

Curated by Annex Theatre’s Artistic Director Bret Fetzer, Spin the Bottle – featuring theater, music, dance, spoken word, film, and whatever else we can find – has appeared on the first Friday of every month since Sept 12, 1997.

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