Jul 272012

One of the studio cabins at the I-Park Residency

A few days after the SEAT gallery show that I’m co-curating opens on August 3rd I will be taking off for the east coast. I’ll have a few days on the New Jersey shore visiting family, and then I’ll be taking a train up to Connecticut for a four-week artist residency at I-Park. I will be there with six other artists who I know nothing about! They could be painters, writers, sound artists, etc. We will each have our own little studio cabin in the woods, like the one above. I hope I get this one ’cause it’s super cute.

While there I hope to get a lot of work done on a short film about animals that I had to put on the back burner when the Barzan project came up. I have audio interviews that need to be sifted through and structured, and I hope to also get some animating done. I’ve purchased a bunch of new equipment to take with me that is smaller or collapsible and therefore can more easily fit in my suitcase. Pictures soon!

I’ll be back just in time for the September Capitol Hill Art Walk, where I hope to have something to show from the residency (I will, of course, be missing the August art walk).  I hope to blog a little while there about the experience, to show what I’m up to. In the meantime you can watch this little video about the June/July residents to get an idea for the place:

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