Aug 192012

Today is day five of the residency, but it really feels like Day 2. Friday was the first day we really got into the studios and got set up, and yesterday was the first day of real work. Our last residency artist has joined us, her name is Jee Soo Shin, and she’s a composer from South Korea. She seems really nice but has been jetlagged a lot, so we haven’t gotten a chance to get to know her well yet.

My studio with my collapsible stand set up holding my camera, and my new very thin LED lightbox! The room looks rather unexciting now, but we’ll see what it looks like later.

Friday we had visitors from the nearby Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts. Lyme is the home of American Impressionism and this school was born out of this tradition. Some lecturers and administrators came to visit the residency and discuss potential future interactions between artists and students. For the occasion Chef Jacob set up a special lunch (he normally only cooks dinner) in this oval gravelly area that is sometimes used for performances. It was magical and I’m getting spoiled!

Chef Jacob setting up a special lunch in the meadow

On the weekends for better or for worse Jacob and all the administrators leave the center completely in the hands of the resident artists. Luckily there has been an obscene amount of left-overs in the fridge, and we haven’t burned the place down yet. But this has led to episodes like searching all through the two main buildings for push-pins, or jumping between two printers as one ran our ink and the other paper. Tomorrow they will all be back and we can newly harass them for such things.

Yesterday I took a break from my studio space and took a walk to the nearby pond and visited Michael Fairfax. If you remember, he is the one artist that does not live in the house with the rest of us, he lives in his own little cottage by the pond (by little I mean LITTLE – like, maybe 25o square feet). He is doing some interesting work that I don’t wholly understand, putting contact microphones on leaves, branches, etc and recording the sounds of the forest.

Cup of tea on the pond dock



Boaz, Michael, Judith, Andy and Roman at dinner Saturday

Things are going well on my film. I spent some time yesterday creating a structure for the audio clips I want to use, and now have to tackle the myriad of animation ideas I have. Today a few of us took a break and walked to the nearby Chapman Falls in Devil’s Hopyard State Park.

Chapman Falls and Michael

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