Aug 242012

This film I’m working on is a hard nut to crack. I’ve edited down the audio interviews and gotten to a structure I like, but I got bogged down is the decisions to make about what to actually animate and how. So many ideas! I’ve decided to just start doing and see what happens.

With that ethos in mind I made this stand for a window pane that I was going to set in front of real backdrops, and I was going to use markers and oil paint to animate directly onto the glass, making it look like the animation was part of the background. But it turns out it doesn’t work that well. It’s hard to get both the drawing and the background in focus, and it’s hard to get the marker/paint to show up clearly. But in a way that’s good, because I can cross that idea of the list. I still have two other main techniques I’m grappling with, and I hope I can do both while I’m here. As for how these segments will fit into the final film, who knows? Maybe I’ll just figure that out later.

The ‘easel’ I made for the window frame I was going to animate on. In its reflection you can see Michael Fairfax’s musical instrument under construction

The window frame set up for a test in my studio

Where we live!

Someone told me what this red thing is but I can’t remember – seed?

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