Sep 052013
Still from 'Part of the Cycle'

Still from ‘Part of the Cycle’

NWFFI’m super happy to announce that my latest animated short, Part of the Cycle, will have its World Premiere at the Local Sightings Film Festival in Seattle, WA! This is exciting because the film was made in Seattle, local residents contributed their voices to the sound track, the film was funded by King County, and a lot of it is about the Seattle area water purification system.
This great NW festival happens Sept 27-Oct 3, 2013 and is run by the NW Film Forum, your all-time best indie cinema.

And that’s not all! Three more of my films will also be in the festival: A Walk in the Woods, Still Life and They Look Right Through You, another film made with the help of Seattle residents, and recently seen at SIFF 2013. Screening times will be announced soon, and though I won’t be able to be there (because I’m in Europe) I hope you’ll make it!

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