Aug 302012

Yesterday was a magical day. In the morning I trekked back into the woods to do one last time lapse of Spruce Bluff, this time a close up on one of the branches specifically, as I’m thinking of having the cat jump up there and wanted a close up to cut to. It went fine, but unfortunately I discovered a tiny little red dot in all my photos, which I think means one of the sensor’s pixels in my camera is gone. It only seems to show up when I use the camera zoomed in, so it’s not the end of the world, though it does mean that my camera’s days are numbered.

In the afternoon we took a field trip to the Florence Griswold Museum in Lyme. This is a museum centered around a grand old house that was like the original artist residency. American impressionist painters would come up from New York, stay at the house and paint landscapes in the surrounding nature. It was fun, and the grounds were beautiful, with a river in the back. But really, I’m not much for paintings anymore.

Heavenly beach with Long Island all the way in the back

We then made our way to a private beach club on the Atlantic coast, and enjoyed the rest of the evening there, thanks to a friend of I-Park’s who is a member and invited us. It was fabulous! It was like being on a movie set: pristine beaches, very calm water thanks to Long Island on the horizon and deck chairs.  There was even a little dock out in the water and we actually spent some time comparing dives. Someone, I won’t mention who, is afraid of diving head first, but made valiant efforts to overcome those fears.

The Beach Club itself had a beautiful long deck filled with tables and umbrellas and nice modern grills at the end. This is where chef Jacob set up and cooked us tuna, chorizo sausage and a delicious peach salad. Ralph Crispino, the founder of I-Park, also joined us and we all got a little boozed up. It was a beautiful sunset, and a much needed break.

Of course our nightly Mad Men ritual could not be ignored and we watched two episodes upon returning to the park. Much discussion ensued about the intricacies of Betty and Don’s relationship, the women’s liberation movement and how crazy all this talk is in the US about abortion and contraception. It is somehow satisfying to be have my opinion validated by foreigners – “Yes, things actually ARE that crazy here, isn’t it ridiculous?” But it is also sad because now this is where I live. But I remind myself that every country has its problems, it’s just ours are like….this.

Today was another day, and let me tell you, we’re feeling them counting down. I got a lot of work done refining my timeline, figuring out exactly where all the time lapses are going to go, and trying to get together good reference videos for animating the animals that are going to be placed in them. I made this little test to practice the movement of a cat jumping up onto a fence. Some things I learned: don’t put a cat’s ears too far forward, or it will look like a fox; don’t make the cat’s muzzle too big, or it will look like a chihuahua; the blue marker is a bit messy, may have to switch to the grey.


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