Dec 102012

Here are some more production photos from They Look Right Through You (remember to come to the preview presentation on Dec 19 if you want to see it!) I finished the second big segment and am now into the last segment which features an animated cat walking through some wooded areas. As with other parts of my film, these animated segments will be composited together with the wood footage (actually time lapses). That’s why you’ll see cats missing parts of their bodies – that’s because in the final video the cat will be behind something (ridge, tree, etc.)

For this ‘fade out’ I used a little water on a brush to break up the marker – it kind of makes it look like the marker is disintegrating or crumbling.

cat walking along – a ridge is obstructing its legs

Sometimes before a complicated action I’ll draw out all the key frames just to make sure I’ve got everything the right size and the right location, etc. I’ll take a picture of this, but then erase them and start over, using the photo as reference.

This is tiniest cat I’ve had to draw.

Luckily it gets a bit bigger.

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