Aug 282012

I’ve gone a little time lapse crazy over here. I’ve realized that actually these are going to be integral to my film and I’m going to have a lot of them.

The concept I’m working with is having lots of time lapses with and without pets in them. And when we do see the animals, they are drawn and composited on top like in the example from my last post.

I feel this fits the film because it’s all about the gap between ourselves and our animals – the distance – so close yet so far.

I will also have two sections within the film that are different – they will have some time lapse, but also paint on glass and mixed media. These are the two longer and more detailed stories that made the final cut of the audio.

Time lapse of fence in progress

Yesterday I shot two time lapses of a fence (I want to put a cat sitting/walking on it) only to discover when I got back to the studio that both had an annoying lens flare smack dab in the middle! So I re-did that one today and added another of the fence at a more head-on angle. I’m hoping we’ll see the cat walking away from us in that one.

Today I shot another three time lapses, of a rainy kitchen window, a rainy library window and a couch. I was really happy with the composition of the library window, but you couldn’t really tell it was raining from up there, so I may have to rethink it.
But here it is above. I’m thinking of having a cat sitting there looking out. Wouldn’t it be fun if it played with the fly that shows up at the 3 second mark?

Newly discovered swing set. This place is awesome.

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