Sep 022012

The past few days I’ve gotten back into my animation routine. This means I spend hours sitting in one position at my animation table while I listen to podcasts non-stop. I’ve caught up on This American Life and Snap Judgment, two of my favorites.

A shot of my marker-on-glass cat during animation

My animation stand when animating the perspective cat

What I’m working on is making the marker-animated animals that I will super impose onto the time lapse sequences. It’s a little tricky because as you can see from the photos above, the marker does have a lot of wonderful texture, and I don’t want to lose that when I superimpose it onto a complex background. I did a lot of fiddling with Final Cut effects, and I think I may have found a good balance.

The audio in this clip has not been cleaned up, though I do think it will be this one at this point in the film. In a few hours we are taking a mini-trip to a local fair. Will be nice to get out.

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