Nov 282012

The film I’m working on (called They Look Right Through You) is chugging along nicely. I’ve been animating furiously in advance of a preview screening I have coming up (more info on that soon!). As some of you know the film is about human-pet relationships, and it is anchored by two long stories, one about a dog, and one about a cat. I’m now aaaaaalmost done with the dog section. Below are a few shots of my animation stand over the past few weeks. In case you’re wondering it is marker on glass animation, frame by frame.

In this photo I’ve just re-drawn the dog in its new position, but I haven’t yet erased his previous position = two dogs.

This is a close up of a part of the ‘stage’. Here you can see clearly the markings left by the marker as I am redrawing and erasing.

Here the dog is in mid-jump

In this photo I’ve cut into a black paint base to create a face. But the black isn’t totally black. I was painting over some coloured circular lines, so you can still see the texture of those coming through the black paint.

In this close up you can see more clearly the texture that is showing through the black paint

Cute dog.

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