Mar 172014

Before I cleaned up my floor I thought I’d take a snap to share some of the best parts of my recent animation tour:

  1.  Brochure for the Karel Zeman Museum I went to in Prague – Karel Zeman was a pioneering animator and special effects guru, creating films like Journey to the Beginning of Time and The Fabulous World of Jules Verne. Definitely the coolest thing I saw in Prague, and besides the screaming children, the museum was pretty nice.
  2. Pass for the Tricky Women Animation Festival I caught at the end of my trip in Vienna. A really nice festival to attend as a lot of other filmmakers were in attendance, and the selection was pretty cool. See my full report in my next post!
  3. The zine program for Strange Creatures, the collection of animated shorts from Seattle I curated last year. I presented this program in Vienna for the Under the Radar animation symposium, in Budapest and Prague. All the events went really well and I learned a lot about the animation scenes in each place. My favorite comments about the program were: a dog in the Vienna cinema who barked out loud at the sound of dogs in my film; and an animation student in Budapest who said ‘I see a lot of freedom in these films’.
  4. In Bratislava where I presented my own work, I had the pleasure of being hosted by the folks that run Fest Anca in Zilina every June. Last year they organized a panel discussion with animation instructors from various universities in Europe – The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. This little booklet contains the transcription from the event and I wish I had grabbed more copies! It’s really nice to read/hear people explain the differences in philosophies in their various programs, what they try to teach their students, and what the animation funding/job market is like in their area. A few of the Fest Anca people also work on this amazing new animation journal called Homo Felix. Some articles are already in English on their site, but make sure to subscribe for their print edition as well.
  5. Left over postcards from the two gallery exhibits I had in Vienna – a one-piece installation in the ASIFA-KEIL space in the Musem Quartier, and a show of paper cut outs in the Stern Studio.
  6. Maps from Vienna, Budapest, Prague and even Kutna Hora, where I took a day trip to see the Bone Church, or Sedlec Ossuary. Animators might know this church from Jan Svanmajer’s live action short film about it from 1970 (unfortunately without subtitles).

Thank you to everyone for making it happen, especially the Agosto Foundation in Prague. You can see photos of all the events and venues in this Facebook album.

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