Jun 122013

filmannexFilmAnnex.com is an ad-supported online video platform that enables filmmakers to monetize their content. I just started my own ‘WebTV’ channel on there recently, and it’s been really interesting. They encourage you to post blog posts as well as videos, so there’s quite a lot of interesting stuff from other filmmakers as well. And most importantly, filmmakers seem to be making real money from the ads playing before their videos! Yes, the ads are super annoying, but this seems to be the most realistic way that we will be able to make money directly from our work.

And the Creative Director of FilmAnnex wrote a blog post about my animated short The Whale Story for her Wacky Tuesdays blog series, where she talks about how the films address communication, and why she chose my WebTV channel for her ‘Eren’s Picks’ list. Thanks Eren!


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