Aug 152014

faysfilmfest2014poster1The Strange Creatures program of animated shorts from Seattle will be screening at Fay’s Film Festival, part of the Free Fringe Festival in Amsterdam. The full festival (music, arts, comedy, dance, theatre) runs from Sept 4-14, but Fay’s Film Festival is one night only, Sunday, Sept 7th, from 20:00, at De Nieuwe Anita.

I’m happy to return to De Nieuwe Anita, because I screened the last program of Seattle films I curated, Inter-Action, there in 2011.

You should definitely check out the full roster of events at the Free Fringe Festival (all events are free!) but also come on Sept 7th. If you didn’t get a chance to see the Strange Creatures films when they screened in Amsterdam in April, this will probably be your last opportunity! I will be in attendance to introduce the films and answer questions, fresh off the plane from a trip to Italy.


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