Feb 282013

tricky_women_logoThe Whale Story will be screening at the Tricky Women Film Festival in Vienna in the Animated Documentaries program on March 8th. It will be screening alongside one of my favorite shorts from SIFF last year, Places Other People Have Lived by Laura Yilmaz.  It will also be playing alongside Female/Femelles by Marie-Josée Saint Pierre, a Montreal-based animator who had a retrospective at the Cinematheque Quebecoise the evening before my own screening, and I unfortunately missed it. But the trailer looks great. Watch it here.

The Whale Story will also be playing at the Byron Bay Film Festival in Byron Bay, Australia March 1-10.

AND, it’s playing in the Water Docs International Film Festival in Toronto on March 24th, in front of the feature documentary The Whale. I saw this feature last year and really liked it, so I’m thrilled my short is playing in front of it!

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