Sep 212013

This week I took two short trips to Tilburg, which is a ten minute train ride from Breda. Tilburg and Breda have a little bit of a rivalry going on, with many people telling me one or the other is the place to be.

I had two shorts films in Incubate so I went over there Monday and Friday evenings. Monday they had an opening reception at a nice modern theater venue with free dutch food (sausage, mashed potatoes and soup) and then a performance by Lambchop, a band I had previously never heard of, but seems to be led by a veteran singer/songwriter. Not really my kind of music, though. Let’s just say I would have picked a more upbeat tone for the opening night. The film programs in which A Walk in the Woods was screening was across town, so I ducked out early to catch it.

I saw a few really interesting films. By far my favorite was ‘Under the Pillow’ by Isabel Herguera. This is an animated film based on drawings made by children in a certain ‘sanitorium’ in India. The audio is also brilliantly edited together clips of interviews with the kids, or the kids telling stories. The movement of the little animated vignettes nicely meshes together with the flowing backgrounds. The film is my favorite kind of kids’ movie – one that lives inside the world of children without talking down to them. It’s perfect for adults as well as kids.

Under the Pillow [Trailer] from Kimuak on Vimeo.

Another interesting short was Hole, by Dutch filmmaker Wouter Venema.

Hole Trailer from Wouter Venema on Vimeo.

In the vimeo description it says the film was made by placing drawings on top of an LED screen that was playing videos of natural light scenarios. It made the drawings look moody, with just enough movement to make you think it wasn’t just a drawing. It reminded me of these drawings I saw at the Film Museum in Frankfurt:


These are very early attempts to create motion in images – a painting created on semi-translucent material with slivers cut-out. A lantern is then placed behind it and moved around, making it seem like the flames are moving.  By the way, the Film Museum in Frankfurt was amazing and I highly recommend it. They had an entire floor dedicated to early moving image experiments, toys and objects. Much more than just zoetropes and magic lanterns.

Last night was the second screening in which I had a short, The Whale Story. The program was fine, but nothing that stuck out. Afterwards was the awards ceremony, and the short that won was one I vaguely remembered from somewhere and unfortunately cannot remember the name of right now. It was quite short, with a gimmick where a piece of paper is torn and then the torn paper is photographed, this photograph is then torn and photographed, etc. creating an endless tunnel type effect.

Overall I hope to be able to attend more festivals like this in The Netherlands, so stay tuned!

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