Nov 092012

After staying late at my studio to finish a scene for the film I’m currently working on, I snagged a few hours of shut eye and then got up early in the freezing wee hours of the AM to get my butt to Wilmington, NC.

Mt Rainier leaving Seattle early this morning – can’t pinpoint that lake right now, but it had nice reflections!

The Cucalorus Film Festival is screening my animated short The Whale Story on Sunday, before a feature doc about surfing – looking forward to that. Meanwhile, Duckie (intrepid festival volunteer) picked me and a few other filmmakers up at the airport, and then drove us around the small town picking up our badges, dropping off some people at the their hotel, picking up others who wanted a ride to the various venues (we were pretty much the last filmmakers to arrive) and finally dropping me off at this amazing B & B called Taylor House run by the most charming man ever. Overall it looked like the town was already hopping.

Seriously this is my bed.


Cool old timey flush

Just a few minutes to grab my purse and then myself and another B&B resident, Italian filmmaker Alfredo, set out for the opening night party. Turns out our B&B is filled with Europeans, so I feel right at home. Alfredo and Mikel, a Basque filmmaker and an Irish man I haven’t met yet. As you can see they let me have the girly room. Met a ton of new filmmakers at the party – Israeli, Chilean, French, Polish, American, and managed to practice three different languages, though mostly Alfredo, who is humouring me by speaking Italian with me.

Adam, Alfredo and Mikel

Then we found our way to a post-party venue called Jengo’s which features a bunch of homemade moonshine drinks, campfires, and various decked out caravans.


Luckily this last venue is two blocks from our B&B. Tomorrow we have a luncheon on a battleship.


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