Feb 052014

So I can finally properly announce it – I will be one of seven presenters at this year’s Under the Radar animation symposium, organized by The Media-Communications department at Webster University Vienna, ASIFA-Austria (Austrian branch of the Association International du Film d’Animation) and the Viennese production company dma-pro.com.

Here is their mission statement: “The symposium “under-the-radar” is an annual event that brings together scholars, artists, practitioners, producers, facilitators, students and anyone who is interested in creative motion media production. Unlike many other conferences, festivals and symposia the focus of this forum is not on the discussion of topics and ideas that appear in the center of public recognition and the mainstream of public media. Here the attention is shifted to the fringes, the borders and the areas that are unclear and more difficult to grasp.”
The topic for this year is “Release the Analog.” And here is the symposium trailer:

My presentation will be on Saturday, March 1st at 16:15, and you can see a description of the talk here.
All presentations will take place in the Raum D of quartier21, part of the MuseumQuartier complex (Museumsplatz 1/5, A-1070 Wien).
My presentation on Saturday happens to be the last before two film screenings in the TopKino nearby (Rahlgasse 1 (Ecke Theobaldgasse)).

The second such screening, starting at 20:30, includes the Strange Creatures program of animated shorts that I curated. That’s right, this is the first screening of it outside Seattle and I’m very excited to share it with Vienna and the other presenters.

Speaking of the other presenters, you can see the full line up here, but what great company to be in! I can wait to attend their lectures.
Some of my work is already on display in the ASIFAKEIL gallery space, which is located right outside Raum D, the presentation venue. And I hope to have another announcement soon about another gallery space in Vienna.

These Vienna events mark the beginning of a short tour which will take me also to Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and back to Vienna. More info on that as well soon!

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