Apr 042014

AV_posterI’m happy to announce a short program of Dutch films that will screen in Amsterdam on April 13th.

I am presenting Strange Creatures, the program of Seattle shorts I curated last year, but I thought it would be great to gather a short program of local films that also have to do with animals or nature, and were also made with frame by frame techniques. This 25 minute program will screen after the Seattle program, with some live music in between! Here are the films:

1. Sway, music video for Robin Block by Renske Mijnheer, 5:00 (2013)
The song deals with the sense of out-of-placeness and the search for comfort in the most impossible environments. The video was shot in stop motion, partially in Amsterdam and partially in the spooky primal forests of El Hierro, Canary Islands on an artist residency.

2. Volgens de Vogels, dir. Linde Faas, 5:30 (2008)
The morning reveals a misty landscape in which the birds awake. This short was made in Breda and Utrecht, and Linde now lives in Zeist.

3. She Loved the Place, dir. Charlotte Apers, 3:00 (2012), 3 min
‘She loved the place’ shows two points of view on the same relationship and what happens when the couple doesn’t share the same dreams and one feels trapped. Made in Breda, and Charlotte now lives in Amsterdam.

4. Epsilon, dir. Daniela Uribe and Noa Verhostad, produced by Robin Straatman, 1:00 (2014)
“Epsilon” is a personal project developed by the style of Noa Verhofstad as a photographer, the stop motion animation work of Daniela Uribe (BLEND), and the production support by Robin Straatman (Unit). Made in Amsterdam.

5. How to Catch a Bird, dir. Vera van Wolferen, 4:30 (2013)
How to Catch a Bird is a stop-motion animation about a childhood memory. It was made in Breda, and Vera now lives in Den Haag.

6. Dogbrothers, dir. Maarten Koopman, 5:30 mins (2008)
The story of three brothers, who are sent to America. One brother starts an acting career and hits the big time with a crime movie, the second doesn’t survive a broken heart and the third gets homesick and returns to his homeland, where he starts a rock ‘n’ roll band. Made in Amsterdam.

Some of these filmmakers will be in attendance, so it should be a fun evening! It’s April 13th, 20:30, at OT301, 6 euros entrance. Hope to see you there!

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