Jan 082016


This animated GIF was created for the Loopdeloop competition, based in Australia. Each month there is a different theme, and this month’s was….sisters. I immediately thought of two sisters and two hotels: the twins from The Shining, perhaps the most sinister sisters of all, who live in the movie’s Overlook Hotel, but also the Hotel Budapest, shaped like a cylinder and with more than a little Overlook-creepiness to it. I and the other animators from ASF stayed in this hotel last month.

The Overlook Hotel + Hotel Budapest = this GIF!

The Overlook Hotel + Hotel Budapest = this GIF!

So how to combine these two inspirations into a loop? Here you have it: instead of turning corners to discover the girls, the camera here keeps going straight around. And are the girls really sinister, or are they just looking for a playmate? Are they trapped in an endless cycle of playing catch with an entity that just keeps running away each time? Enjoy!

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