Aug 132015

I’m very happy to say that the music video I made last year for Seattle band Dark Hip Falls is screening at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in a special selection focusing on recent films that use non-digital techniques.

Lam 2: Red Hands will be in the program called “If It Ain’t Broke: Contemporary Uses of Traditional Techniques.” I think I’m going to love this collection of films! And I’m super excited that I get to see them in person, because I will attending the festival. This will be my first time at the Ottawa festival, I really look forward to finally seeing behind the curtain. I will be there for both screenings, on Sept 17 at 7PM and Sept 18 at 9:15PM.

Another plus: Seattle animation legend Bruce Bickford will also be there for a special retrospective. I’ve been lucky enough to show Bruce’s work in Europe over the years, and I will see him just a few days later in Seattle (for a special retrospective of his I’m organizing – more info soon), but it will be nice to see him outside of Seattle.

See you in Ottawa!

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