Jan 082015

CityArts_logoSo in September and October of last year I was consumed with ink, water and various gels. I made a music video for Seattle band Dark Hip Falls. It screened at their album release party in Seattle,  and I have presented it at festivals in Germany and Slovenia, but I’m happy to say it’s just been launched online on the CityArts magazine site.

“Animator Tess Martin draws us into an watercolor kaleidoscope that grows deeper and more intense as the song progresses. Sanguine shapes shifting from Rorchach-style symmetry to pulsing capillaries to figurative footsteps to a tunneling, swirling mandala. Along the way, Mendonsa sings, I could change from something evil to something beautiful. Transformation is written all over this thing.”

Thanks City Arts and Dark Hip Falls! Watch the video in full below. Make sure you make it HD and full screen!
And you can see making of photos here.


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