Dec 312010

Hello! I hope everyone’s having a great holiday period! I know I’ve been enjoying the sudden influx of free time after finishing Plain Face, getting lots of stuff done that I hadn’t had time for.  Just a quick note that a few festival deadlines are coming up for those short filmmakers/animators out there. The SIFF final deadline is January 3rd (I believe this is NOT postmarked, so you may have to mail it priority). You can even submit a rough cut as long as you explain somewhere what is still to be finished. It’s free if %50 or more of your film was shot is WA!

Also I’ve submitted Plain Face to FilmFest Dresden. This was also free. It looks like you can’t submit through Withoutabox, only through their website, but it was relatively painless. Their deadline is postmarked by January 5th. I’ve seen this festival recommended on a number of sites, and they accepted an experimental animated short called Luis that I saw a few months ago at the Animation Show of Shows screening at the NWFF. This short was part two of a series from Chile. It seemed up my alley – pretty haunting. I’ve included both of the shorts below:

Another deadline coming up is the Breda International Film Festival in Breda, The Netherlands. This one is also free, also seems you can only apply directly from the website, and their deadline is NOT postmarked by January 15th, 2011. This festival also accepted the short film Luis, as well as Wings and Oars, one of my favorite animated shorts of all time by Latvian filmmaker Vladimir Leschiov. I include it below. It seems to be the whole film, with an unfortunate logo in the lower right-hand corner:

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