Sep 192010

Plain Face has just turned away from the pod

Close-up of replacement heads in the wings

Below are pics from a mega complicated scene I did today. The door of the pod rolls open, revealing Plain Face inside the pod. This meant I had to erase paint little by little, AND add carefully measured strips of the Plain Face puppet at each interval. I know what you’re thinking – why didn’t I shoot it backwards and cut off strips of the puppet instead? Because that would have meant ADDING paint to the pod as the door closed, and the watercolors I’m using make it hard to add paint in sections like that without it looking weird. You kind of have to paint the whole area with a watery pool of paint and let it dry smooth. So I went with sectioning the puppet instead. It worked out pretty well, but was a bit nerve racking as this was a one-time maneuver. Re-shooting would have meant re-creating all the cut-outs.

Plain Face in the doorway. What am I going to do to her?!?

Adding a section of puppet

One of the final shots - yes, the doorway is too short for her and she will duck out of it

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