Dec 222010

Hello hello!

Just a quick note to say that many things are happening, but I’ve been taking a wee blog-break since the screening of my latest short, Plain Face, on December 11th. The screening went great! We had about 50 people there, I introduced the film, we watched it, and then I asked the audience to voice their thoughts/comments about it to the room at large (which they did!) and then I answered questions for about 15 minutes. Altogether I got GREAT feedback about the piece, and now the film is in the hands of the composer, Jason Staczek, and the sound designers, Production House Media. We’re aiming for it to be completely polished off by the end of January. I’ve JUST submitted a rough cut to SIFF, and I’m hoping it will premiere there. It would be nice to have the world premiere in Seattle, where the film was birthed. By the way, if you’re a filmmaker, keep in mind the final SIFF deadline (even if a rough cut) is January 3rd, 2011!

I am hoping to have the DVD for sale on my website or through Indieflix as soon as it premieres. I’m thinking the DVD will include at least one or two of my previous shorts, AS WELL AS tons of special features on Plain Face. How much would you pay for such a DVD? Let me know!

I’ve already started a new animated short, primarily ink this time, about my cat. Some of you may remember a cat in my last film, A Moment’s Reverie. This one’s about her. I’m also soon to start working on some animated inserts for Brian Favorite’s documentary about being gay in the island kingdom of Tonga, called ‘Like a Lady‘. Very excited about that one.

I’ve also got two gallery shows coming up, both in March 2011. One, ‘Child’s Play‘ at the ArtsWest Gallery in West Seattle will showcase a number of my films, including a substantial clip of Plain Face. The other is (Be)longing at the Kirkland Arts Center, a show that will focus on colliding and mingling cultures, at which my short ‘Gaijin/The Foreigner’ will be screening, and possibly also a clip of Plain Face.


Stay tuned for studio shots from the Tonga project and the cat film. As soon as I get back in the studio, that is.

Here is a nice high res still from Plain Face:

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