Jun 172010

I am thrilled to announce that Plain Face, my current animated project, has earned a substantial grant from 4Culture, a wonderful arts organization located in the triangle building downtown at Prefontaine and Yesler.  4Culture has been showing two of my previous films, A Moment’s Reverie and Gaijin/The Foreigner, in their media gallery since November 2009, and they are on display until October of this year.  This much needed funding for Plain Face will go towards paying the sound designers, composer and musicians. I may have gotten a composer! Exciting things are afoot. To see all the winners of grants for this cycle, click here.  To see Plain Face in person, stop by my studio during the Capitol Hill Art Walks, second Thursdays. Check back here for Art Walk announcements.

  2 Responses to “Plain Face wins 4Culture grant!”

  1. I went by 4Culture on Sunday, while Julia was getting some work done nearby. I wish they had a set of buttons available to set which video is queued up to play next!

  2. I know, right? But on the plus side, you get to see lots of other interesting work!

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