May 312011

Inter-Action: A Collection of Shorts by SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team.

This program is premiering at the NW Film Forum in Seattle, WA on June 16th, 8:00PM, but it is also screening at 92YTribeca in New York City on July 18th at 8:00PM. Please spread the word to your New York friends! Buy tickets here. This program includes a recent short by cult animator Bruce Bickford, and the Seattle screening will include live narration and music for Stefan Gruber’s new short Both Worlds!

Inter-Action: A collection of shorts by SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team

Animator Tess Martin presents a collection of short animations that explore inter-actions – action between each frame of motion as well as between each subject on screen. Made individually by twelve members of SEAT (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) these thought-provoking films reflect on love, insanity, faith and murder. Includes films by: BRITTA JOHNSON, DREW CHRISTIE, AARON WENDEL, TESS MARTIN, AMANDA MOORE, DAVIS LIMBACH, SARAH JANE LAPP, CLYDE PETERSEN, WEBSTER CROWELL, STEFAN GRUBER, SALISE HUGHES and BRUCE BICKFORD.

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