Jun 072011

I was a guest yesterday on Conversations Live with Vicki St. Clair on KKNW (1150 AM). She asked me about my work, what keeps me motivated through the production of an animated film, and about the upcoming Inter-Action screening at the NW Film Forum – a great opportunity to see lots of work from SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team! Check it out here. My segment starts about a third of way through, and you can fast forward inside the little audio player.

  One Response to “I talk animation live on the radio!”

  1. Great conversation. I love that these radio programs are available on-demand through the web. Sometimes I’ll be able to listen in on a film festival organizer on the radio promoting a festival I’ve gotten into somewhere geographically distant. It’s always great to here what inspires similar artists and what they’re doing in their communities via a platform like this.

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