Oct 082011

And so it begins. The weather is really much better above the clouds, as you can see from this shot of Mt Rainier as I left Seattle.

Mt Rainier above the clouds

After a layover in Reykjavik I arrived the next day, and went straight to the venue for a tech check. The event wasn’t until the next day, but you can never be too careful.

The Inter-Action screening at the Horse Hospital was a success! The space was respectably full, and though many friends from my old University came, about half were people I didn’t know personally. Apparently it was in the London Time Out magazine – yes, I’ll be sure to get a copy.

The venue was interesting – the building used to be an actual horse hospital and the screening room used to be the operating theatre. All in all a good night.

Next up: University of Brighton tomorrow for a class visit to the Moving Image MA, and on Wednesday, Newcastle!

London venue

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