Sep 102010

Starting September 27th for about three months I will be the Artist in Residence at 911 Media Arts Center here in Seattle. I’m really looking forward to having access to their editing suite, and will probably be in there a lot compositing my film in After Effects in November and December. For more info on the residency program and past residents, click here.

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  1. Kick ass!

  2. Hi Tess.

    Linda – with ASIFA, again. How are you doing? Your blog hasn’t been as active as usual lately. You must be busy with your 911 media arts residency. How is that going?

    I am once again attacking the scheduling for ASIFA’s next events. Thought I’d throw a line out there and see if you might be up for opening your studio to us (about 10 people) and giving us a tour. I am so curious to see how you work. I’ve seen photos of that layered shelf thing-a-ma-bob that you lay your cells on – to shoot, I presume. So interesting!!

    I’m currently looking to book March or April. We aim for the 3rd Sunday of every month. So if you think you could fit us in on one of those, let me know. Even if you can’t do a presentation, send any SEAT news my way and I’ll make sure it gets on our site and Facebook page to help you promote events and such. That’s what we’re here for.

    Linda Spain

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