Jan 142010

I was just talking to some animator friends about the struggle of starting the shooting section of an animated project, and came across this short I thought was quite appropriate: One Square Mile of Earth (Director: Jeff Drew; Screenwriters: Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen) is one of the animated short films in the Sundance Film Festival this year, and Part I is about ‘Bill the bunny, a struggling novelist, who has never actually written anything, much to the chagrin of his perfectionist life partner, Gary the frog’. Enjoy:

Also, I just came across a description of this claymation feature that was the opening night film for Sundance last year.  It’s called Mary & Max. It looks great! Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette! Here’s the trailer:


Also, click here for a nice article in the Washington Post’s Comic Riff’s section, detailing which animated features have been nominated for Oscars, which ones haven’t but should have, and why the may or may not win.  Some of the contenders: Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Up.

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