Apr 012010

I recently came across this nice NPR interview with Wes Anderson, director of the stop-motion feature Fantastic Mr. Fox, originally broadcast in November of last year:

“I sort of had this thought that … I was going to make the script and work on the sets and then sort of prepare the shots and have this plan, and then hand it over to a team of animators, and they were going to hand me back a film a year later or something,” he says. “That was not what happened. It ends up being the most involving kind of filmmaking that I’ve ever had anything to do with. But the thing you quickly realize is that everything that is going to go on camera has to be manufactured from scratch. Everything has to be designed, and that means every little prop and every little moment is going to have a lot of thought go into it.”

Listen to the full interview here. I especially like where he talks about having the opportunity for ideas on how to do clouds with stop-motion, as opposed to live action.

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