May 142010

Stumbled across this great interview with Belgian/Flemish filmmaker Anton Setola, about his new short film which is now touring the festivals called ‘Jazzed’:

He talks about why he chose not to use a story with a set up and a pay off, but instead used colors, music, etc. to depict emotion. Though the stills look like paintings, this was all animated in a program called DigiPaint, which allows you to ‘paint’ on the computer monitor and mimic traditional textures.  I especially like (and relate to) his comment at the end of the interview: ‘Some people love it, and some people say it looks nice and pfft!’ I hope to see the full film soon.

In style as well as structure, this short reminded me of Seattle filmmaker Sarah Jane Lapp’s recent Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist. I found this story on the Monsieur Bandit blog, a Belgian designer with excellent taste. He also an entry that includes an interview with Michale Dudok deWit (of Father and Daughter fame) and a nice compilation of movie titles. A still from Jazzed:

Ok, so I wasn’t going to include this video because the quality is terrible, but Michael Dudok de Wit speaks very eloquently about how he can only make films that matter to him, and about the simple asipirations of an animator to bring disparate movements together like instruments in an orchestra. Also he mentions in passing that he briefly considered using bodily fluids to make films instead of ink – am I the only one who is really curious to see what a Michael Dudok de Wit bodily fluid animation would look like? :

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