Oct 272010

The twelfth annual animated shorts program known as the Animation Show of Shows is coming to Seattle for one screening only this Sunday October 31st at 2PM at the NW Film Forum. It’s FREE! One short I am super excited to see is The Lost Thing, because it is based on a book by Shaun Tan, a very talented Australian author/illustrator. His book The Arrival was a great inspiration for my current short film project. Check out the kick ass trailer for The Lost Thing.

I’m also interested to see the short by the Quay Brothers and another short called ‘Louis’ that specifies it was made in stop-motion: “Three young Chilean animators used dirt, flowers, found objects, cardboard, and charcoal to carry us into Lucia’s memory as she recalls the summer when she fell in love with Luis.  Shot in stop-motion with a digital camera.”

It looks like it might be at least three stop-motion shorts out of ten? Will report back with a final count.

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