Jan 132015

ONIF_Amersfoort_announcementI’m happy to announce that one of the films I made while a student at AKV St Joost will be part of this group exhibition in Amersfoort called ‘Move On…! 100 Years of Animation Art‘. One Night in Florida will be part of the ‘Young Talent’ part of the show.  The exhibition is primarily an overview of the history of character animation, with works showcased such as Winsor McCay’s Gertie the Dinosaur, George Dunning’s Yellow Submarine, Michael Dudok de Wit’s Father and Daughter, Jan Svankmajer’s Meat Love and Jiri Trnka’s The Hand:

“But what actually is character animation? What brings a character to life? Is it enough to make it appear to move? Or is there more to it than that? The literal meaning of animation is to breathe life into something – in this case, lines, drawings, clay figures, etc. But character animation is also about timing – body language, facial expressions and biomechanics. It is about exaggeration and about conveying emotion in a completely artificial world…It is acting.”

There will also be work by visual artists who use animation in their work and a collection of ‘Making Of’ materials. The exhibit runs from January 31st to May 10th. Admission is 10€ for adults, 5€ for students, and free for kids and Museumkaart holders. There is an invitation only private view on January 30th, at which I hope to see some familiar faces!

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