Aug 132013

The past few days have been crazy getting ready to move to The Netherlands – that’s right, I’ll be there for a year on an MA course. Very exciting! But first, must pack.

Last week I animated another stanza of the Mario film. This one says: “My second day off I saw her, and she was with a marshal. She said: “Mario, my lovely Marino, I am engaged to him, I shall never leave him.”

bird_small_closeupAt the end of the last segment we saw the screen fill with little marker lines. This segment continues from that – a bird flies in to the frame, and lands on a lamppost. The lamppost reveals a couple walking. The bird flies toward the viewer, filling the screen.



The screen is now all blue, the profiles of two faces appear, and they kiss.


The lines of the faces turn into lines of a furrowed brow, and the background turns from pure blue to a darker blue-green. The eyes frown.


In this show you can see more clearly how the marker eyes relate to the layer below, which holds the constantly moving paint background.

You see I am continuing the technique of having the marker on top and paint below. So far I’m really liking it. We’ll see how the technique changes when I am able to pick up the film again in Europe.

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