Dec 182014

AdrienYesterday we met Giacomo Boffo, who will be ‘showing and telling’ some of his favorite animated movie titles tonight at Manifest: Animation Show & Tell. Now let’s meet a second presenter, Adrien Borderie:

“After four years of graphic design studies in France, I went to study in the Netherlands, in Breda, for a Master of Graphic Design at the St Joost Academy, from which I graduated in 2013. I’m now a freelance graphic designer working on several kinds of projects, like books, posters, identities, websites. Furthermore, I’m interested in animated typography and performance art. I’m passionate about cinema and jazz music.”
Adrien is truly a multi-talented artist. He’s done some cool looking books, but also performances related to writing and typography, as well as VJing and animated visualizations. Here you can see an info-graphic animation representing the stops and passings of trains in the TGV Lyria network during 24 hours. The action really gets going around the 3:20 mark:

You can also see Adrien’s passion for trains in this VJ session for Afro = Cool Quartet at the Mezz in Breda, in 2013:


Photo courtesy of Adrien Borderie

Photo courtesy of Adrien Borderie

Let’s see what Adrien will present! There are so many possibilities for inspiring animated movie titles. And I will be the third presenter! First time I get to show & tell, I’m excited! See you tonight at Roodkapje, doors open 20:00, and remember, it’s free!

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