Dec 172014

IMG_0698Tomorrow night is our third Manifest event, and last for 2014. Fear not! We will back on January 11th, trying out a new space, WORM. But in the meantime we thought we’d make the December event extra special, so it’s an animated movie title edition! There’s so many cool animated movie┬átitles out there it’s going to be hard to pick, but Giacomo Boffo will give it a good try. He is one of our presenters tomorrow:

“Giacomo was born in Rome in 1987. He studied, in order: biology (1 month); cinema & literature (1 year); illustration (1 year); and graphic design (3+2 years). He is very interested in language, editing and performance art.”

Though primarily an artist who works with still images, Giacomo has been known to create the odd animated GIF, like the one below, which is a poster for an exhibition of work by the MA of Graphic Design students from St Joost in Breda in 2013.


On his Behance page you can also see an interesting book he made containing infographics of those responsible for the ‘Years of Lead‘ violence in Italy in the 1960s and 70s. Here is just a detail of this cool book.

Detail of Anni di Piombo by Giacomo Boffo

Detail of Anni di Piombo by Giacomo Boffo

OK, full disclosure – Giacomo is one of my housemates! And though I don’t know yet what he will be presenting, I can tell you there have been a lot of Saul Bass titles watched in our house recently. And will certainly offer an interesting perspective on whatever he presents!

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