Nov 202014

203-director-terhaagLast week we met Martijn Koolstra, one of the volunteers who will be sharing a favorite animation at the next Manifest (remember, it’s Thurs, November 27th! FB event). Next up, Ruud Terhaag!

Ruud Terhaag was born in 1976 in Blerick (Venlo). Terhaag studied animationfilm at AKV St. Joost Breda. He graduated with his short film ‘Pendule‘ that has been shown at dozens of festivals all over the world. It received a special mention at the Stuttgart Film Festival. His short film ‘Landerlingen‘ (2009) was nominated for the Best Dutch Shorts. As a director he has made commercials for brands like TomTom, in addition to working on several films and theatre shows. He made the intro for the Mexican featurefilm ‘3:19’. In the past years, Ruud has developed his own work further and he now works as creative director on the new ‘United We Are’ world tour of Dutch DJ Hardwell. Now he’s ready to apply his ambitions to his first international feature film ‘The Last Walker’.

“In my work I approach everyday life from someone’s mind. Matter that deals with time and memories are so common for us that we don’t notice these until we put these out of the normal context.”

Check out Ruud’s awesome graduation short from St Joost called Pendule. Warning: it might freak you out at points! And what a nice combination of live action and animation. The two really seem to fit in the same world. And further down also take a look at Landerlingen. Here he also combines two different worlds together to make a new one, but in a much more graphic style.

Come to Manifest to find out what Ruud will present!

Pendule from Ruud Terhaag on Vimeo.

Landerlingen from Ruud Terhaag on Vimeo.

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